Funding Services

Severn Groups focuses are to enhance, structure and extension funding for self-initiated/identified projects through a co-ordinate and managed best and useful solution (build operate and transfer “BOT”) process globally. 

Partnering Services

Severn Groups has been an acquirer of businesses over the past several years and now has investments in Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, Government Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Technology & Telecommunications, Building Products, Energy & Natural Resources, Apparel, Paper, Packaging & Printing, Transportation, Commercial Services, Industrial & Automotive, Real Estate, Travel & Leisure, foundation, Mining, Agriculture and Weaponry.

Global Funding

Severn Groups Limited strives to find global projects that are efficient and meaningful. We provide financing across the world which includes most of the costs of processing your loan. The person or organization who lends money charges no origination points. USD $5 Million to $50 Billion in funding. Our goal is to develop most favourable project structure and develop a certain path for the project’s success.

- Since 2000 -


Who we are

Severn Groups  is an European/American base funding and investment company, providing funding to those who really need it.

Why we are

Have you been denied a loan from your bank that you trust with all your financials, Severn Groups has been helping individuals and corporation realise their financial dreams.

Where are we

Severn Groups offices are located around the globe. With our head office in London and sub offices in Istanbul, New York just to mention a few.

How it starts

It all starts with you following your dreams and contacting us. At Severn Groups we take our clients very seriously and work tirelessly to meet their goals.

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